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How Long Should I Listen To Binaural Beats?

Listen To Binaural Beat for 15-45 minutes to get the maximum benefits without any side effects. It is the advised period of listening.

How Long Should I Listen To Binaural Beats?

When it comes to health and personal development, we all want fast results, we all want a short cut. However, everything has its limit, and not everything can be rushed.

The short answer to how long should I listen to binaural beats is this:

You should listen for a minimum of 15 minutes. Anything above 15 minutes is generally beneficial. That’s why our tracks, by default, are 30 minutes long, because this ensures good results.

However, this is a general rule which may differ between tracks.

It’s worth noting that listening beyond an hour or two in one session won’t necessarily provide any additional benefits, and in some cases isn’t ideal.

If you want a more in-depth explanation on each of these points, please read the explanations below.

Why Is More Than 15 Minutes Optimal?

Here’s why we say that you should listen for a minimum of 15 minutes.

Let’s say you’re feeling stressed out and want to listen to a track to put you into a state of relaxation. That isn’t going to happen instantly.

Binaural beats work by leading (entraining) your brain to a new state of mind. The time it takes this to happen will vary on what your dominant brainwave frequency state is at the time.

If you’re highly stressed, you’ll most likely be experiencing a lot of Beta and possibly Gamma wave activity. Again, that’s speaking generally, because at any given time your brain will have a fairly diverse brainwave structure, but you are pretty much always in a dominant state (Theta, Alpha, Beta, etc).

Stress is liked to high-level brain activity, and to bring that down to a slower range may take 5 or more minutes. So that’s a good portion of those 15 minutes already gone on just settling in and getting to a point where you calm enough to relax into the session.

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