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AI Assisted Brainwave Entrainment

Unlock your full potential by regulating your brainwaves

Mistikist: Drift into peaceful sleep with our soothing sleep music and binaural beats. #meditation #mindfulness #sleep #stressrelief #relaxation #calm #brainwaveentrainment #kaleidoscope #brainwaves
Increase focus with binaural beats and kaleidoscope and brainwave entrainment with Mistikist in 2 to 8 minutes.

Increase Focus

Enhance your focus with Binaural Beats and Kaleidoscope images within 2 to 8 minutes.

Improve your mood and well-being with our mood-enhancing music. #relaxation #stress #adhd #adhdproblems #mandala

Find Relaxation

Do you feel stressed after a long day? Unwind and find inner peace with calming music to relax.

Immerse yourself in a state of deep relaxation with our ambient music. #Brainwaves #Subconscious #Mind #Kaleidoscope

Change Your Brainwaves

Take control of your brainwaves to deal with burn-out, stress and to increase productivity.


Mistikist is a unique neuroscience app that helps you change your brainwaves, relax, focus, sleep, increase productivity in 2 to 8 minutes.

Download Now and Transform Your Life!

Boost your study and work sessions with our energizing study and work music.

For Brainwave Entrainment

With AI Assisted Brainwave Entrainment, reduce stress up to 90%.

Reduce Stress up to 90%*

Mistikist shows its effects in 2 to 8 minutes.

Effective witin 2 to 8 minutes*

Increase focus up to 95% in 2 to 8 minutes with Mistikist

Enhance Focus up to 95%*

*Colzato LS, Barone H, Sellaro R, Hommel B. More attentional focusing through binaural beats: evidence from the global-local task. Psychol Res. 2017

Discover The Strength of Brainwaves with Neuro-science Backed Methodology

Start your personal transformation today with Binaural Beats to rewire your brain.

Experience the unique & holistic wellness approach with Mistikist

Powerful combination of neuroscience, kaleidoscope images and music  with binaural beats to help you achieve deep relaxation, quality sleep, and increased productivity. 

Awaken your soul and elevate your consciousness with personalized brainwave frequencies, guided by the power of neuro-science.

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Change Your Brainwaves

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Stress & Relaxation

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