About Mistikist

Nowadays, more and more people have difficulty in learning and suffer from mental problems due to the rush of everyday life and events. To bring a solution to these problems, we created Mistikist that gathers specially crafted sounds and images in order to change your brain frequencies, insert positive messages into your subconscious mind and help your brain regulate its chemistry so that you can have a better mood.

According to scientific studies, there are certain brain frequencies which allows human brain to learn quicker, become calmer and be more creative. With Mistikist, we are aiming to set human brains into certain frequencies so that you can reach your limits in terms of learning, becoming calmer and being more creative.

In Mistikist, we combine specially crafted sounds and colors to open a door to subconscious mind and change brain frequencies in order for you to reach your highest potential.

Activate super-learning
Re-program your subconscious mind
Regulate your brain chemistry
Resolve trauma & Overcome anxiety/depression
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