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What Are Binaural Beats and How Do They Help Your Mood?

Listening to two tones with a difference in their frequencies at the same time, your brain creates an illusionary sound: Binaural Beats.

What Are Binaural Beats

Listening to two tones with a little difference in their frequencies at the same time, your brain creates an illusionary sound. That ‘illusionary sound’ is called “Binaural Beat”. Briefly, your brain takes two different tones to create a beat of its own. To illustrate that, if you are listening to a tone in 500 Hz with your right ear, and 480 Hz with your left ear, you’ll end up with hearing a tone of 20 hz, the difference between the tones.

The actual surprising thing about binaural beats is the fact that your brain activity matches with the frequency of the binaural beat while you are listening to it, which is called “frequency-following effect”. This is how Mistikist entrains your brain to get into a certain mental state via binaural beats. The related effect shows impact on 5 different brain waves, every single one of them related to certain mental states.

  • Delta: 1-4 Hz. : The lowest frequency state is the delta frequency, which is generally related to deep sleep, healing, and meditation.
  • Theta: 4-8 Hz. : Contributing to your improved meditation, creativity, and sleep in the REM phase, the theta pattern is the second lowest frequency.
  • Alpha: 8-14 Hz. : Related to your brains’ being focused and productive, Alpha waves contribute to you in terms of relaxation, reducing stress, positive thinking, and a better state for learning.
  • Beta: 14-30 Hz. : Being one of the higher brain frequencies, Beta frequencies help you with keeping your attention focused, improved cognition, stimulating energy and action.
  • Gamma: 30-100 Hz. : The highest brain frequency, Gamma waves are beneficial for increased cognitive enhancement, changing the way you think, and memory.

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