Enhance Work Performance with Mistikist

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Research has shown that different colors and specially designed sounds instantly affect the human brain.

Resolve Trauma/Anxiety​​

According to research, there are brain frequencies that help the human brain to learn faster, be more calm, and more creative.

Neurotherapy and biofeedback techniques have been used by psychiatrists for years.

Mistikist offers a personalized and holistic approach to employee well-being and goes beyond basic stress reduction by offering comprehensive programs for overcoming mental challenges that can impact performance.

Enhance Productivity

By using specific frequencies and techniques, Mistikist can help employees improve their focus, enhance productivity.

Reduce Stress

Mistikist offers stress reduction programs and relaxation techniques that can help employees manage their stress levels effectively.

Better Work Performance

Increased work performance and a decrease in absenteeism and not coming to work in 70% of B2B users.

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