Mistikist in the Press

NTV | Tekno Hayat Interview

Our CEO Buğra Karahan answers questions about Mistikist in the Tekno Hayat program broadcasted on NTV.

ITU Cekirdek | Big Bang 2023 Presentation

The presentation made by our CEO Buğra Karahan at Türkiye’s largest entrepreneurship event, Big Bang Startup Challenge.

“Mistikist is on the ITU Çekirdek TOP 50 list!”

“$30,000 support from Sabancı ARF!”

“Türk Telekom Ventures PİLOT’s 12th term Startups have been announced!”

“Mistikist helps those who are negatively affected by the stress of daily life and busy business life achieve mental well-being by regulating their brain waves.”

“Clinical studies have proven that it reduces stress levels by up to 95% and increases focus by up to 90% in just 8 minutes. The methodologies used by Mistikist are based on studies of institutions such as MIT, Stanford, Johns Hopkins and Harvard.”

“Developed by computer scientist Buğra Karahan, who studies in the field of neuroscience, Mistikist helps reduce stress, increase focus and work performance by using visual and auditory stimuli.”

“Mistikist was accepted to the 12th term of Türk Telekom Ventures’ startup accelerator program PİLOT.”

“Mistikist is a transformative app that helps individuals overcome stress, anxiety, and self-sabotaging behaviors by harnessing neuroscience-backed techniques to regulate brainwaves.”

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