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Are Longer Binaural Beats Sessions More Effective?

Binaural beats sessions for focus and concentration, a two-hour session while working would probably be a good limit.

Are Longer Binaural Beats Sessions More Effective?

In the earlier blog posts we mentioned that while a really short session won’t provide much benefit, an extremely long session won’t necessarily provide any more benefit than a short one.

I know there are videos on YouTube of 5,7 and even 10 hours long claiming to do all sorts of wonderful things, but it’s not clear how this works.

  • Do you need to listen to the whole 7 hours?
  • What frequency is being used and what point in the track?
  • What happens if you leave the session early?

Longer isn’t automatically better. It might seem like you’re getting more value, but that isn’t the case.

The fact is, not one research study on binaural beats has ever been conducted using such a long session – because it’s not necessary to listen for that long to get measured results.

You’ll get to the point where the returns are diminishing. Not to mention that you will be distracted. You will need to get up and do something else: someone will call you, you’ll need to eat, or go to the toilet. It simply isn’t practical.

In the case of using binaural beats for focus and concentration, a two-hour session while working would probably be a good limit, if we had to put a maximum ceiling on session time.

But we’d strongly recommend taking a break at that point, simply for the sake of your ears and not excessively using headphones.

Can I Take a Quick Break While Listening to Binaural Beats?

The answer is that it depends on a number of factors: where you are in the session, how long you intend to break for, and why.

If you’re only a few minutes in then you should start the session over. Your brain probably hasn’t fully settled in anyway, so it’s best practice to restart.

If you’re half way through a track (post 15 minutes), quickly getting some water or going for a wee should be fine. However, if your interruption is for more than a few minutes, it is recommended that you start again.

Additionally, if you are interrupting your session with a phone call, or taking a moment to tell your kids off, you will be completely disturbing your state of mind, so it is best to start again. Here is your answer for Binaural Beats Sessions lenght.

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