Mistikist: Enhance your relaxation experience with our mesmerizing brainwave entrainment music.

What Is Mistikist

Mistikist is a unique neuroscience app for Brainwave Entrainment and Mind Programming and helps you change your brain waves, relax, focus, sleep, increase productivity and even program your subconscious mind! In just 8 minutes go from Beta to Alpha brain waves! Alpha brainwave is the sweet spot where magic happens. Alpha brain frequency is related …

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Mistikist helps you activate specific regions in your brain according to your purposes, benefiting from binaural beats & sacred geometry,

Welcome To Mistikist

Welcome to Mistikist! Life is getting more chaotic each day. Endless tasks, errands to run, things to learn… Sounds familiar? Would you like to be able to do all these efficiently while helping your mind and body? We developed Mistikist to help you become limitless: Become a super-learner, finish tasks easily, and overcome the limits …

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Binaural beats are an illusion created by the brain when you listen to two tones with slightly different frequencies at the same time.

How to Listen to Binaural Beats – A Beginner’s Guide

Even if listening to binaural beats is a straightforward activiy, there are various question on the internet about how to listen to them. Therefore, we prepared a beginner’s guide to answer some of the common questions and maximize your experience. Chooce The Type of Binaual Beats The beginning point is, of course, the type of …

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Binaural beats sessions for focus and concentration, a two-hour session while working would probably be a good limit.

Are Longer Binaural Beats Sessions More Effective?

Binaural Beats Sessions In the earlier blog posts we mentioned that while a really short session won’t provide much benefit, an extremely long session won’t necessarily provide any more benefit than a short one. I know there are videos on YouTube of 5,7 and even 10 hours long claiming to do all sorts of wonderful …

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