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How to Listen to Binaural Beats – A Beginner’s Guide

Binaural beats are an illusion created by the brain when you listen to two tones with slightly different frequencies at the same time.

How to Listen to Binaural Beats – A Beginner’s Guide

Even if listening to binaural beats is a straightforward activiy, there are various question on the internet about how to listen to them. Therefore, we prepared a beginner’s guide to answer some of the common questions and maximize your experience.

Chooce The Type of Binaual Beats

The beginning point is, of course, the type of binaural beats to choose. Obviously, this step is pretty simple and, in Mistikist, we ask you this question in an indirect way by asking your goals and mood. Depending on your personal goal and what you would like to achieve from your session, you can choose to listen to the suitable binaural beat for you.

As a general reminder when you are to choose your track:
Delta tracks are associated with sleep and deeper consciousness.
Theta tracks are very relaxing and meditative.
Alpha tracks are associated with focus and flow.
Beta tracks with higher learning and wakefulness.

Establishing a Listening Routine

Rather than listening to tracks sporadically, it is a good idea to develop a routine. You might like to start off with three or four tracks a day, suited to your goals.

Having a routine is conducive to entraining the brain to move into specific states at certain times of the day.

For example, if you listen to a track designed for focus and flow every day at 10 AM while you are working, after a number of sessions, your brain will become used to moving into this state of mind around that same time of day. This creates a positive mental habit.

You can apply the same to going to sleep in the evening. If you listen to a track designed for better sleep around the time you go to bed, after a few nights, your brain will begin to move into this state of its own accord at approximately the same time each night.

The body responds very well to routine, so we actively encourage that you develop a listening routine.

You can change this listing routine after a couple of weeks, or whenever you feel like you want to focus on a new goal or issue.

Use Headphones & Sit or Lay Down

One of the most critical point while listening to binaural beats is to use headphones as the brain entrainment happens at considerably low frequencies, which requires your ears to work on full performance. To make it easier, we recommend you to use a pair of headphones for your ears to receive the two different frequencies to create a binaural beat.

In a nutshell, this is when your brain follows along at the frequency it is receiving and begins to produce brainwaves at that frequency.

In addition, to make yourself comfortable and peaceful in your environment, you can sit or lay down and enjoy the magic of binaural beats for meditational or spiritual purposes.

Can I Do Other Activities?

Well, as long as it has a common point with your intended outcome from your session, the answer is yes. However, dealing with physical activities while using the binaural beats for sleeping is not recommended.

Just make sure your intended outcome and the activity you are doing are matching with your goals.


As you have seen so far, it is quite easy and straightforward to use binaural beats and literally anyone can benefit from them.

Here you can find the summary of the whole post:

  • Choose a track that suits your goal.
  • Find somewhere quiet and free of distraction.
  • Consider what will be best for the session: sitting down, lying down, walking, etc.
  • Put on your headphones.

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