Welcome To Mistikist

Mistikist helps you activate specific regions in your brain according to your purposes, benefiting from binaural beats & sacred geometry,

Welcome to Mistikist!

Life is getting more chaotic each day. Endless tasks, errands to run, things to learn… Sounds familiar? Would you like to be able to do all these efficiently while helping your mind and body? We developed Mistikist to help you become limitless: Become a super-learner, finish tasks easily, and overcome the limits of the past and present. Stop “surviving” to finish to-do lists and start living. Tune into your own vibration and change your universe. Get the control. Change your frequency, and use your mind’s unmatched power.

The ultimate brain frequency changer, subconscious programmer, and super-learning platform that guides you on your journey to reach your true potential. With a variety of exclusive audio-visual contents, Mistikists helps you activate specific regions in your brain according to your purposes. We benefit from binaural beats, sacred geometry, and blue light to change your frequency & universe.

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Brain frequency changer & Subconscious programmer

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