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How To Change Malicious & Self-sabotaging Programs In The Subconscious Mind

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Some behaviors and thoughts that we called programs in our previous blog post are formed by establishing neural connections in the brain. Briefly, they occur slowly in such a long time that it is almost impossible to notice them early. However, it is still possible to turn them off after having realized them.

The way to destroy certain malicious programs includes several strategies such as weakening these connections, identifying the wrong connections, and leaving them to the right places. In this way, your mind naturally finds a way to figure them out and get rid of them.

Being on of the strategies we mentioned, the weakening strategy is to use those particular malicious programs less. To be able to do that, it is necessary to leave these programs alone. Something we suppress becomes stronger, however, if we find and expose them and “let it be” they pass and weaken. Another strategy is to overwrite these programs when they are weakened in various ways.

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