Benefits of Binaural Beats

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As you might know from our last blog post , brain waves range from low frequency to high frequency. To put it this way, your brain has its own binaural beats, created in accordance with your mood changing with daily events. Mistikist aims to give the control of your brain waves to you so that you can adjust your mental state according to your goals. In order to do so, we benefit from binaural beats.

Proven with lots of studies all around the world, binaural beats contribute to many positive things. From increasing creativity and cognitive enhancement to reducing stress and anxiety, Mistikist provides you the suitable beats, powered with visuals to set your brain into a certain state of mind. Wherever you are, the only thing you need to do is to pick up your headphones, find yourself a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the binaural beats with Mistikist.

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