Sacred Geometry & Spirituality

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Sacred Geometry & Spirituality

Sacred geometry is an ancient science that explores and explains the energy patterns that create and unify all things.

Every human being has core values and characteristics, mostly made out of spiritual assets. Having various definitions, spirituality is generally defined as a set of values and beliefs about self and the universe considering own and others’ mental health. Having been so important in ancient civilizations, we can consider it as the lost aspect of mental health in the 21st century due to the chaos and rush around us.

The main goal of this ‘lost aspect’ is to find life’s meaning, divine love and harmony, inner and mental peace, innermost power, and understanding of the birth & death cycle. This way of thinking eventually leads people to be kind and able to forgive, encourage honesty, patience, and emphaty.
In the past, from architecture to arts, every civilization used sacred geometry for spiritual purposes and, therefore, used very well-defined, precise, and complicated measurement systems to allow the growth and flow of spiritual energy in people. Considering all of these, it seems natural that people love to visit historical temples, mosques, and many other types of building as they are designed in harmony with the specific goal of uplifting people.

Providing all the aspects after lots of research, Mistikist sustains you a brand-new environment, where you can experience the same spiritual energy and heal yourself.

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