Mistikist: Enhance your relaxation experience with our mesmerizing brainwave entrainment music.


AI Assisted Brainwave Entrainment

Unlock your full potential by regulating your brainwaves

Mistikist: Drift into peaceful sleep with our soothing sleep music and binaural beats.

Science Behind Mistikist

Binaural beats are designed to produce two slightly different frequencies in each ear, which can create a rhythmic pattern that stimulates the brain and has been associated with relaxation, focus, and altered states of consciousness.

Mandalas, on the other hand, are intricate geometric patterns that serve as visual aids for meditation and can induce a sense of calm, concentration, and spiritual connection through their symmetrical and repetitive designs.

Mistikist uses neuro-science backed methodology to change your brainwaves in accordance with your goals.

Mistikist Technology

Binaural beats for relaxation and meditation


With rhythmic electrical patterns generated by the neurons in our brain, Mistikist provides you the chance of experiencing Neuroscience-Powered Mind Transformation via binaural beats and mandala.


Mandalas can be used as a therapeutic tool to promote relaxation, focus, and self-reflection. Here, Mistikist creates an environment to support mental well-being.

Brainwave studies show that Mistikşst provides the fastest, most consistent focus vs playlists on streaming platforms.

Neuroscience backed

With many research and studies, it is very well known that Binaural Beats and Mandalas are incredibly effective over mental health as they can change your brain frequency. In Mistikist, we put these two together to create you an environment to bring the best version of you to the light.

Research has shown that different colors and specially designed sounds instantly affect the human brain.

Resolve Trauma/Anxiety​​

According to research, there are brain frequencies that help the human brain to learn faster, be more calm, and more creative.

Neurotherapy and biofeedback techniques have been used by psychiatrists for years.

Binaural beats refer to auditory illusions created when two slightly different frequencies are presented separately to each ear. This stimulates the brain to perceive a third beat, resulting from the difference between the two frequencies. Research suggests that exposure to binaural beats may affect brainwave activity, potentially inducing relaxation, focus, or other mental states.

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Wahbeh, H., & Calabrese, C. (2007). The effect of binaural beats on EEG and subjective experience. Alternative therapies in health and medicine, 13(1), 25-32.

Boost your study and work sessions with our energizing study and work music.

For Brainwave Entrainment

Experience the benefits of isochronic tones and binaural beats in your meditation practice.

Average Reduction in Anxiety*

Unwind and let go of stress with our relaxation-inducing music.

Quality of Life*

Overcome depression with our specially crafted depression-relief music.

Increase in Focus with Consistent Use**

*Padmanabhan, R., Hildreth, A. J., & Laws, D. (2015).

**Survey methodology: The Experience Sampling Method provided by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (Professor of Psychology and Management at Claremont Graduate University, author of the best-selling book Flow)


Mandalas are intricate geometric patterns often used in spiritual and meditative practices. The study of mandalas falls under the field of psychology known as “mandala psychology.” According to psychologist Carl Jung, mandalas represent the inner self and the process of individuation, a journey towards self-awareness and integration.

Jung, C. G. (1969). Mandala symbolism. Princeton University Press.

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